Image of decorated cake.

Culinary Classes

Chef Günther Schubert with students Knowing about food and its preparation is one of life's basic skills. We offer a variety of cooking classes to suit the novice or the experienced cook ranging from the preparation of an everyday type of meal to a special dinner. Minimum class size is 10 people.

The Armchair Class

Designed for full appreciation of the meal and sheer entertainment in your home. You and your guests are encouraged to sit back, relax with a glass of wine and watch how it all comes together.

Image of decorated cake.

The Gourmet Class

Designed for the inquisitive cook. You and your guests will learn the things you always wanted to know about cooking and were afraid to ask. Together we will prepare a meal, of your interest, partially hands-on, and enjoy it with an appropriate wine. Günther will demonstrate useful tricks and offer you tips on making your life as a chef "a piece of cake."

The Youth Class

Designed for students who wish to know more about preparing a simple meal for themselves, family or friends. We are offering this very unique basic course to students from 13 to 18 years of age to help them feel more comfortable and competent in the kitchen. Our aim is to take the mystery out of cooking and make it fun, while at the same time creating an interest in good and healthy food at a young age. Who knows, your son or daughter may be the next Julia Child or Gordon Ramsay!